About Us

Bright Loritos’ mission is to build a brighter future that prepares students to succeed in a globalized world by teaching them new languages and cultures. Our classes are dynamic and fun to develop our student’s motivation in an organized environment, stressing creativity and world language learning acquisition. At our school each age group experiences a learning environment and our most important goal is to create bright world citizen students in the following areas:


Proficiency in the world language of choice.

Improve skills and knowledge in reading, writing, and math.

Creativity by engaging student’s minds in a play-based, hands on and exploration curriculum.

Cultural and Social

Our students are aware of different cultures around the world, they understand and respect them.

Students work together to complete tasks and to share knowledge with each other.

We create future world leaders based on open communication, responsibility and honesty.


Positive reinforcement for good choice making.

Positive attitude towards learning.

Students will use their imagination to improve problem solving skills