Bring Us to your school

Bright Loritos offers partnerships with different schools in the Metro Detroit Area. We currently teach over 1500 students every week through our mobile programs. We understand that finding qualified native speaker teachers can be a challenge for many school principals and parents wishing to bring a language program to their children’s school face many obstacles in the process and can’t get a program started.

We are here to help you bring classes in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic and French to your community or school. If you are a parent or school director hoping to offer a foreign language in your school please can contact us at 248-649-6790.  We partner with schools to provide them with a foreign language program during school hours, or to start an enrichment program after school. In this partnership, the school will save time and money of hiring new teachers while providing their students with the best foreign language program in the area.  We currently offer our mobile programs to: Four Corners Montessori Academy, International Montessori Academy, Beverly Hills Academy, North Hills Preschool, IXL Leaning Centers, Somerset Academy, Kirk in the Hills Preschool, among others. 


Mobile Programs:



  • Classes can be offered before and/or after school
  • Affordable prices
  • We manage registration, payments and communication with parents
  • 8-10 weeks long classes available for Fall and Winter semesters
  • Classes take place right at the  preschool or school.
  • We provide native speaker instructors. All of our instructors have theirbackgrounds-checked and are CPR Certified.
  • We provide online resources, for students to reinforce the language at home.
  • We take care of all weekly logistics of developing and providing the lessons
  • We provide all materials and curriculum
  • We work with you to provide substitutes when necessary
  • We create a dynamic learning environment



  • Lessons are part of a regular school day and during school hours.
  • We work with the school’s director to manage schedules and parent communication about our program
  • We hire and train and pay talented instructors to teach the target language at your school
  • We provide all materials and curriculum for preschool through eighth grade students
  • We send you monthly invoices to ease the payment process
  • We provide substitute teachers when needed
  • Provide online resources
  • Take care of all weekly logistics of preparing and providing the lessons