1. Why is it important to expose my child to a second language at an early age?

There is a window of opportunity between birth and age 10, when is easier for kids to acquire a second language. As children get older, it becomes harder for them to learn another language.

2. Would it be confusing for my child to learn two or more languages at once?

In many countries bilingualism comes natural, however there is a myth that learning a second language may confuse your child. When children learn another language they don’t get confused at all, but there is a mixing of languages. This is called code-switching, going back and forth between languages.  Children who learn two, or more languages in a loving, supportive environment learn them well.


3. What are some of the benefits of early learning language learning?

Learning a foreign language gives brains a boost:  Many studies have shown that students who are exposed to a foreign language at an early age perform better that monolingual students on standardized test and SAT.

Early foreign language exposure: creates an appreciation for different cultures that prepares students to become aware of the world around them.

Children gain confidence by learning a new language at any age.


4. Why are classes taught by native speakers?

Children are very sensitive with sounds, they can imitate sounds easily and pronounce words and phrases just like they hear them. All of our classes are taught by native speakers because we want each student to learn the correct pronunciation from a native speaker. A study by UCLA concludes that with significant exposure to a language in childhood, a child can end up speaking like a native speaker.


5. When can I sign up for classes?

Your can enroll your child at anytime!!!


6. What if I enroll my child in the middle of a month?

You will only pay the pro-rated amount based on your starting date. After the first payment your credit card on file will be charged automatically for future payments.


7. My child has allergies, how do you control allergies?

During the enrollment process you will fill up a form indicating us about your children’s allergies, as well as, your doctor’s information. We will ask you to provide more details if necessary.

We are a nut-free facility, our snacks are peanut free and haven’t been processed in a facility that processes peanuts. Parents are welcome to bring their own snack if desired.

All of our instructors and staff are CPR, First Aid trained. We have EpiPens ready  in case of a severe allergic reaction.


8. How do I pay for classes?

We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Payment options:
Monthly payments: Tuition will be charged automatically by credit card.  Preschool classes will be charged on the 15th of each month and weekly classes will be charged on the 28th of each month. (We charge one month in advance).

Semi-annual Payment Plan:
  Save 5% if you pre-pay the school year in two payments. The first payment is due upon registration and the second will be charged on January 28th.

Annual Payment Plan:
Save 10% if you pre-pay the entire school year. Payment is due upon registration.


9. Do you offer make up classes?

There is a limit of 20 make-up classes per school year, September to June, and a limit of 4 make-ups in the summer semester, July-August, while enrolled at Bright Loritos. To qualify for a make-up lesson, you must call and cancel before you miss class. Make-up lessons can be booked up to one week in advance and can be used within 15 days of the missed lesson and as long as your child is enrolled in one of our programs. Make-up classes can only be used while enrolled in one of our programs and a cancellation of your enrollment will lead to a forfeiture of all unused make-up lessons. Missed make-up lessons cannot be made up.