Why Bright Loritos?

We make the process of acquiring a second language fun by developing our students’ motivation in an organized environment, stressing creativity and world language learning acquisition.

At our school each age group experiences a learning environment adequate for their age and language level.

We open our student’s world to different cultures and languages and teach to appreciate them.

Learning a second language improves your child’s skills in Math and English.


Many businesses work closely with companies in other countries. Can you imagine how this will be in the next 20 years? A head of a company that knows Mandarin-Chinese, a doctor that knows Spanish or Arabic or a lawyer that knows Spanish or French will have a plus for being bilingual. We offer a great advantage for students who complete our program successfully to become world leaders in the global economy.

We have a great team of native educators with many years of experience in the classroom.


We offer small classes.


We have many classes available throughout the week and Saturdays.


We offer make-up sessions.


We offer online resources to practice the target language at home.