School year 2022-2023

Spanish Immersion Preschool

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Young citizens of the world

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Play, explore and learn


Our preschool curriculum utilizes principles from both High Scope and the National Association for the Education of Young Children NAEYC. It’s designed to teach children a second language through our Loritos Method™, which promotes engaging and world language learning through immersive teaching techniques designed by language education experts.

Our Mission

We aspire to foster a future generation of multilingual world citizens by promoting the appreciation of cultural diversity and intercultural communication with the following features:

  • A unique opportunity to learn in a multicultural environment
  • A qualified bilingual team with years of experience in early childhood education.
  • A safe and pedagogic learning environment.


Monthly Cost for Preschool (Half Day)

(9a.m - 12p.m or 1-4 p.m)

  • Once a Week $200 per month
  • Twice a Week $315 per month
  • Three times a Week $415 per month
  • Four times a Week $505 per month
  • Everyday $605 per month

Monthly Cost for Preschool (Full Day)

(9 a.m – 4 p.m)

  • Once a Week $325 per month
  • Twice a Week $545 per month
  • Three times a Week $760 per month
  • Four times a Week $990 per month
  • Everyday $1100 per month

$300 non-refundable deposit per student

$50 annual registration fee

The monthly amounts listed above are for the full year and split up into ten equal monthly installments.

The tuition rate for children beginning later in the year is pro-rated to reflect the number of weeks for which they are enrolled.

Why Bright Loritos?

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More than 10 years of experience teaching young learners. We opened our first location in Troy, and now, we have 3 locations in Michigan. In all these years we have been providing immersion language classes with more than 3 thounsand satisfied students.

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Qualified Teachers

Bright Loritos consists of an incredible team of world language educators who can reach students in ways few instructors can. Our team members have many years of teaching experience, and their shared passion for world languages and cultures allows students to acquire language naturally.

Safe and healthy environment

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy summer camp experience for our students during the current pandemic.

Our Philosophy

Our preschool program focuses on the individual development of each child and aims to provide a social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and academic development where children will acquire social and academic skills for kindergarten and school success as well as cultural and bilingual language competency




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Arabic Instructor

Marhaba! My name is Lubna Hana. I am from Iraq, Baghdad. I have a B.A. degree in Elementary education and 25 years of experience working as an elementary teacher. I am passionate about volunteering in churches teaching children and teenagers in need. My goal is to allow children to have a great learning experience in my classroom and always have fun while learning. Embracing this belief has a profound effect on what and how I teach. I am so lucky and happy to be part of the Bright Loritos team, which I consider my multilingual family.