Rochester Pricing

Our Rochester location offers Spanish and Mandarin for students ages 1-12; we offer different programs throughout the year. Below you will find the pricing information for each program. New students are welcome to start at any time. 

Weekly Classes

1x week --- $110 per month

2x week--- $195 per month

Weekly classes are offered year-round. Sibling and multi-class discounts available. 

Access the portal to enroll today!

Summer Camps

$160 per week before March 1
$175 before May 15
$190 regular price per week

Multi-camp discount available.  

Contact us to enroll in our summer camps 


Experience the Natural Approach to Language Learning!

Children can naturally acquire language through continuous exposure to fun and memorable experiences in an immersive environment. At Bright Loritos, we stimulate natural language acquisition by exposing young learners to comprehensible language input through the repetition (parroting) of high-frequency vocabulary and phrases during each lesson. 

Why Bright Loritos?