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Spanish Immersion Summer Camps

How did your child learn their first language? No special classes taught them to speak in it, right? The natural way in which children start talking in their native language is natural. Immersion language summer camps offer a similar natural and engaging experience for young learners to speak a new language. 

Summers are a great time to upskill your child. During the summer, make the most of their time by equipping your child with a foreign language. Wondering which language is the best for your child? Spanish! 

Why should your child learn Spanish?

Spanish is spoken by 17% of the population and that makes it one of the most important languages to learn by today’s children. Let’s look at some of the benefits that children are likely to reap in the future.

Being fluent in Spanish increases employability

As per a report published in The Economist, being fluent in Spanish lets you get an additional $51,000 in your lifetime. Since Spanish is an important business language, knowing how to speak Spanish makes you more employable in the modern world where. There has been a steady economic development in various Latin American countries pushing Spain up to the 14th spot in the GPT rankings of the world. There has been an influx of people who can speak fluently in Spanish in the US. For this reason, it is useful to learn Spanish as a second language and be a master in it to thrive in future careers. 

Being a fluent Spanish speaker helps to keep your brain sharp.

Multiple studies show that learning a second language helps to keep Alzheimer’s Disease and symptoms of dementia at bay. One of these studies is from a well-known university in Belgium that shows how acquiring mastery over a second language keeps the memory sharp and delays the onset of these mental health conditions. There have been similar studies at the University of California as well which state that learning a second language has the capability to sharpen memory.

Learning Spanish helps learn the skill of language.

When children learn Spanish as their second language, they have to pay a lot of attention to understanding how to structure sentences in the new language. Understanding the skill of language helps them in their academic performance by assisting them in mastering other subjects as well. 

What is the best way to learn Spanish?

Children have a natural approach to learning languages. We believe that children are hardwired to acquire a second language like they did their first one. Our Spanish immersion language summer camps are designed to teach children how to be fluent in speaking Spanish in a natural way. Just like children are fluent in their first language, they learn to be fluent in a second one in immersion language summer camps. It is the best way to learn Spanish, especially for kids.

It’s immersive, fun, and interactive. 

The immersive environment allows young learners to acquire a new language naturally. The methods used to teach Spanish is so engaging that the little learners look forward to learning how to understand and speak the new language. The sessions of the summer camps are exciting, and the meaningful activities keep them hooked to learning something new in every session.

The more you speak a new language, the more your master it. With Spanish learning, your child will have an interactive experience. It teaches them listening, speaking, and understanding skills.

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