Bright Loritos Mission

Our mission is to bring fun-filled and engaging language immersion education to children around the world.

We see it as our duty and privilege to empower a generation of multilingual young people to communicate across cultural divides. Our programs leverage the natural curiosity present in all children to teach them about different cultures and normalize cultural diversity. 

About Our Program

Bright Loritos provides language instruction for children ages 1 – 12. Our students are at an age when second-language acquisition has proven to be the easiest. We offer unique language immersion in-person and online programs in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic. All classes are taught by native speakers. 

Young children can acquire language as easily as they learn to walk because it is a natural process. They naturally absorb a second language through play and exploration. Their brains are hard-wired to absorb a new language, especially between birth and age 10, when children have the most significant potential to learn and retain language skills.

Starting language learning young has proven benefits for long-term growth and development. Studies have shown that children who speak more than one language have enhanced problem-solving skills, boosted creativity, and improved mental flexibility.


The Loritos Method promotes world language acquisition through immersion, comprehensible input-based learning, communication, and play. The method is backed by a dedicated team of language experts, who create a safe, empowering environment for students to become lifelong language learners.

Kids naturally learn a language when they are continuously exposed to fun and memorable experiences in an immersive environment. Our natural approach to language learning through comprehensible language input allows learners to pick up on language even if they don’t understand every single word being spoken. We use the technique of parroting to repeat high-frequency words and phrases during each lesson.


Our curriculum is designed to embrace the way young children learn through immersive teaching techniques and active learning techniques that have been created by language education experts. We develop our own curriculum that is aligned to the World Readiness Standards established by the American Council on the Teaching of World Languages.

Our curriculum is based on learning units, which are carefully designed in a sequence that promotes effective language learning. Our learning units have specific language learning objectives that include comprehensive and communicative skills, core vocabulary, target structures, TPR routines, stories, and multicultural connections.

Bright Loritos Story

Bright Loritos is a Michigan family business. It was founded in 2011 when Ernesto Alonso Chavez, Carlos Chavez, and Andrea Chavez opened their first location in Troy, Michigan, to expose children to other languages and cultures. Ernesto Chavez’s greatest challenge inspired the launch of Bright Loritos. His journey began when he moved from Peru to the U.S. without knowing any English. He had difficulty navigating his new culture and wished his parents had exposed him to English earlier in life as learning a language becomes more difficult with age. After becoming a high school Spanish teacher, Ernesto saw first-hand how high school students lacked the necessary foundation to learn a second language.

The Chavez family began their incredible journey teaching children language through play-based and language immersion programs at local libraries and tutoring centers. Between their personal journeys and professional observations, they saw first-hand the need for children’s second language programs. Thus, Bright Loritos was born.

Metro Detroit’s diversity makes it an exceptional region to offer language classes to students who will encounter peers from various cultures and backgrounds throughout their lives. The Chavez family’s greatest achievement is that they successfully turned their love and passion for teaching language and culture into a thriving, reputable program that now gives thousands of children the opportunity to learn a new language at an age when they are the most willing and able to retain their knowledge.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 in 2020, the Chavez family decided to expand their business by offering live online classes that engage students through stories, video lessons, music videos, interactive books, and games. This has created exciting opportunities for students nationwide to have fun learning another language through interactive courses that stream directly into their homes.

By 2025, the Chavez family plans to reach more students by expanding the geographic area they serve. Future plans include running at least five Michigan-based language schools and helping others develop their brand, methodology, and success through a national franchise program. They plan on also expanding their virtual classes to meet the needs of students around the country.

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Andrea Chavez

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