Novi Programs

Bright Loritos Novi offers Spanish and Mandarin classes for children ages 1 – 12. We offer different programs throughout the year. Below you will find a description of our programs at BL Novi.  New students are welcome to start at any time! 



Our Weekly Program consists of 60 – 75 minutes long classes designed to immerse children ages 1 –12 in a world language utilizing a small-sized classroom setting. We specialize in Spanish, Mandarin, French, and Arabic and provide an engaging curriculum through a play-based method that builds language learning experiences and cultural awareness in our community.

Parrots: (3 – 5-year-olds) In this age group, students begin to shape their world language skills. Our full immersion program teaches vocabulary in the context of a useful phrase structure. Children absorb and practice the language while enjoying games, music, movement, stories, arts & crafts, and more.

Macaws: (6– 10-year-olds) In this age group, students learn conversational basics in addition to functional structures. They actively practice the language via games, projects, stories, skits, art, and more! Students also practice reading and writing in the context of our fun learning units.


Advanced: (8 – 12-year-olds) At Bright Loritos, we are committed to reaching every child’s learning potential in the target language and beyond. Students 8 and older are welcome to be part of the Loritos Advanced program, which requires a minimum of 2 years of experience learning the target language.  Students are immersed in the target language by using a communication approach that reinforces verbal, reading, writing, and speaking skills through comprehensible input.

Parakeets: (1 – 2-year-olds) Countless studies have proven that the brain acquires language naturally during the critical time between birth and age 3. Parakeets is a program where parents and children learn together with parachutes, puppets, felt board activities, books, visuals, and more.


Loritos Camp is an interactive, hands-on language learning program featuring adventures in science, art, music, and games. Camps are taught entirely in the target language: Spanish, Mandarin.  Every year, our summer camps offer a great learning opportunity to blast students while learning another language in a total immersion environment. We offer nine weeks of summer camps of diverse themes where campers learn new vocabulary and phrases while learning new skills.